Auntie Bellum is very proud to present “Whiskey” by the Prairie Willows. A collaboration of musicians, artists, puppeteers, choreographers, writers, and a filmmaker, this video is a testament to the incredible artistic talent and skill we have here in Columbia. Please enjoy.

presented by Auntie Bellum
music by The Prairie Willows (Perrin Skinner, Kristen Harris, Kelley Douglas)
drawn and directed by Lyon Forrest Hill
featuring Jenny Mae Hill
shot and edited by Josh Rose
puppetry elements shot by Lyon Hill
puppetry by Robert Padley and Mitra Salehi
assistance by Kimi Maeda and Jennifer Elmore
originally produced for the Spork in Hand Puppet Slam, curated by Kimi Maeda and Lyon Hill
handmade in Columbia, SC

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