Woman from Florida Hopes for the Best

Irma (photo via the US Navy)

No punchline. I really am hoping for the best. I’m a woman who hails from Florida, who has lived in Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, and St. Pete, canoed (badly) nearly a dozen rivers, including a particularly harrowing trip across the St. Johns (why????????), have family in Jacksonville and Indiantown near Lake Okeechobee, roasted on tons of … [Read more…]

Auntie Bellum Weekend Mix #38

photo of dancers at the Cafe de Paris in Maimai Beach in 1958 (courtesy of the Florida Memory Project)

After some weeks off, we’re back with a brand new mix with some mostly brand new music from Southern folks holding on to the last bits of summer and fighting hurricane-shaped dragons. We’ve got indie folk, indie rock, some damn bounce music, and much more. As always, this playlist is my tribute to the many, … [Read more…]

I Made Those Brussel Sprouts: Or, How Strawberries Are Not An Apology

brussels sprout

It all started in the usual way. I mean, usual in that we use our phones to find our soulmates these days. Soulmates now constituting anyone with whom you have a more meaningful conversation than, “Hey, want to see an unsolicited picture of my d***?” So in that sense, yes, the usual way. A right … [Read more…]