Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard at the Southern Folk Festival Tour in Atlanta , 1970 (photo by Tom Coffin)

A Glimpse at Appalachia’s Feminist Protest Music

In Appalachia, working class people responded to economic and social exploitation by the coal, timber, and textile industries with protest music, creating “a legacy that is arguably the best- known such repertoire in American labor history.” From punk to string bands, Appalachian musicians are raising their voices against sexism, racism, worker exploitation, and environmental degradation. … [Read more…]

A Faint Glimpse of Hope: The 1868 South Carolina Constitutional Convention and Women’s Rights

Members of the Reconstruction Era legislature, many of whom were among the delegates in 1868 Constitutional Convention. (Courtesy of The South Caroliniana Library.)

  On January 14th, 1868, a group of 124 delegates met to write a new constitution for South Carolina. Making up the majority of those delegates were seventy-three black men set to take on the civil rights debates of the day, but some delegates would also attempt to address some of the inequalities at the heart … [Read more…]

The Pop Promise of Cyberbae’s BBGRRL

photo provided by the artist

  Columbia, SC-based singer/songwriter Ahomari is a prolific artist of some depth and range. Last year’s blue,girl releases tapped into an expansive and brooding indie vibe, but Cyberbae is the project reserved for their dark subversions of familiar pop sounds. With the latest release, BBGRRL, Ahomari takes pop music to task and undermines the formulas … [Read more…]

No Shopping For A Year: January Review

photo by Mike Mozart

So day one of 2018, day one of a year of no shopping, my partner and I get home from our NYE celebrations and our heat doesn’t work. So the first purchase of 2018 was a space heater. 2018 started off keeping me humble.   As a reminder, these were the original rules: No target, … [Read more…]