A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

Sally Yates (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The White House continues to move in dangerous directions, and we’re starting to feel more and more like that meme of the dog who says everything is fine while everything around him is on fire. Sigh. At least we’ve got some badass mamas to celebrate and talk about.   First up, the protests in Venezuela … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

from Geek Details

Congress just made a terrible mistake, but, in between calls to your congresspeople and constructing your Paul Ryan pin cushions, here’s some news to chew on.   It’s Cinco de Mayo! And just because the White House is embarrassing itself, that doesn’t mean we have to. 11 Mexican -Owned Business (That Aren’t Bars) to Support … [Read more…]

I Was Hannah Baker: The Big Damn Problem with 13 Reasons Why


TW: self-harm, suicide, suicidal thoughts I have been actively avoiding writing this post since I finished Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. The series devastated me on a deeply personal level, and aside from a few (dozen) Facebook conversations, I wasn’t ready to discuss it publicly. But it’s been a month and I better address it before … [Read more…]