photo credit: Anna Olson papers, Georgia State University digital archives

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News: September 13-19

From leaving the “girl band” moniker behind, Lisbon artists teaching elderly women graffiti, breaking the Jemima code, and a subtle cry for help with the Black Dot Campaign to Matt Damon’s ‘splaining, Lady Gaga’s haunting new video about campus rape, feminism and confessional writing, Planned Parenthood under siege, South Carolina’s terrible new superlative, and Lena … [Read more…]

Sue Logue: Teacher, Murderer, and “Good Friend” of Strom Thurmond, or So They Say

Sue Logue's mugshot

On this day in 1941, Davis Timmerman was shot and killed in Edgefield County, South Carolina, by Clarence Bagwell, an out-of-work plasterer paid to pull off a revenge murder for Sue Logue, teacher and farmer’s wife, and her brother-in-law George Logue. Timmerman had killed Sue’s husband, Wallace (farmer), over a dead calf dispute. All three … [Read more…]

Auntie Bellum Presents: The Songs of Summer 2015

Take down the Confederate flag protest, July 4, 2015

photo taken by Betty Ford

It’s been a long summer, but they always are in South Carolina. As usual, it was an excruciatingly hot summer too. But, this was a special one. Our voices got louder. We came together, and people listened. We found new allies, new friends, new partners, new colleagues. We mourned, protested, celebrated. We also worked, fell … [Read more…]

We’re Keepin’ Our Columbia Clinic

We're Keepin' our Columbia Clinic

I am fairly fortunate to have always had health insurance and access to doctors. I saw my first gynecologist at 15 for birth control. When I headed to college, my campus had a health center with regular women’s health care appointments available. My access to birth control and testing has never been in question and … [Read more…]

Jessye Mae Norman: Daughter of the South, Citizen of the World

Jessye Mae Norman

On this day in 1945, Grammy-winning and world-renowned opera singer, Jessye Mae Norman was born in Augusta, Georgia. The celebrated soprano grew up in a musical family, and she spent her childhood listening to Metropolitan Opera performances on the radio and took her inspiration from legends like Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price. She also came … [Read more…]