Tango is Life is Tango

Tango at Emerald Ballroom

photo taken by Karla Turner

How do you keep yourself alive?  Not just conscious, but full of life, full of the life force that drives one past routine, beyond complacency, through despair, and towards satisfaction?  The answers sound pretty simple:  pursue a new hobby; change careers; challenge yourself; develop forgotten talents and explore new ones.  For sure, adding a new … [Read more…]

Ethel Bolden: Much More than an Astronaut’s Mother


As everyone in the Columbia area sends their children back to school today, we here at Auntie Bellum would like to remember the life of Ethel Martin Bolden who served as an educator and school librarian in the Columbia area for over four decades.

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News: August 9 – 15

Woman takes aim during target practice at Fort McPherson, Georgia, 1958. 

photo credit: Atlanta-Journal Constitution Photographic Archive, Georgia State University Digital Collections

From incest and abuse, a journalist exposing the staggering violence against women in the ISIS campaigns, the social politics of beauty, and women in the military fighting for birth control to Serena Williams’ total domination, Kierna Mayo’s rise to the top of black media, women changing the game of country music, and documenting the search … [Read more…]

Hilla Sheriff: South Carolina’s Rural Public Health Pioneer

American Women's Hospitals Rural Health Service mobile clinic. Sheriff is standing at the far left of the group of women in the right of the picture.

Hilla Sheriff was born in Pickens County, in the rural South Carolina upcountry in 1903. She attended the College of Charleston for two years and then transferred to the Medical College of the State of South Carolina where she received an M.D. in 1926. Following this degree she did an internship at the Hospital of … [Read more…]

My Father’s Mother

So I’m writing about my father’s mother, Louise Levi Berger Marcus. I was asked by Meeghan Kane to write about a woman who made the biggest impression in my life. It was pretty difficult, especially since most of my female relatives and friends were so damned sweet to me, and it was almost impossible to … [Read more…]