What Do Your Children Call You Now? Terminology For Modern Trans Families

Navigating our society’s reliance on gendering everything from language to objects to colors is a complex endeavor.   Our entire culture developed around the binary framework of male or female. We see pink ear plugs for the ladies, hand sanitizer labeled macho style for the men, and even something as universal as soda gets gendered … [Read more…]

Introduction to Resources

One of our goals at Auntie Bellum is compile an on-going list of resources, both local and national, for women in need. This resource list will work hand-in-hand with a series of posts we are writing to educate women on how to tackle various life experiences — buying a home, sexual assault, applying for a … [Read more…]

Beauty, Poise, and Progress

On Saturday, Daja Dial, a Clemson cheerleader from Spartanburg, was crowned Miss South Carolina (only the third African-American woman to win in the pageant’s history), but not before she took a stand on a controversial issue. According to The State newspaper, when asked by pageant judges whether Confederate flags and other memorabilia belonged on state … [Read more…]