Dorothy Day

photo credit: Corbis Images

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News: September 20 – 26

  From Dorothy Day, female priests die-in in D.C., Viola Davis at the Emmys, the ‘Dust Lady’ of 9/11, a transgender woman documents her airport detainment, and sexism in music scenes to women and the fight for net neutrality, Girls Rock on the cover, finding ancestors at James Madison’s Montpelier, Zendaya’s own Barbie, Grace Jones … [Read more…]

Tell Them Hosts Letter-Writing Campaign to Deliver Message to Governor Nikki Haley

Bethany Dailey Tisdale turning in her letter to Governor Nikki Hailey

action recorded by Betty Ford

Last week, the advocacy group Tell Them organized a letter writing campaign to help raise awareness about DHEC’s (Department of Health and Environmental Control)  possible closing of Columbia’s Planned Parenthood clinic. Tell Them, based in Columbia, South Carolina, is a non-partisan group of more than 20,000 members addressing issues such as unintended pregnancies and sexually … [Read more…]

Keep Your Shame, I Found My Peace

photo credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution photographic archive, Georgia State University Library

“Just do what you have to do and be done with it already.” That was his response, my boyfriend of three years, as I sat on the edge of the bathtub holding my stomach— crying, shaking, shattered, and feeling every piece of my world wash out from under me. You know, because pregnancy is a … [Read more…]

The Personal Is Political: Volume Two: What to Say about Babies

photo taken by Katherine Dalton

Auntie Bellum, we’re on our third date. We’ve told each other some cute and funny stories. We’ve cautiously dropped the F-bomb to test the waters. We’ve been charming. So now we’re at the “share something that scares you” date. Now read this sweet, y’all, because my husband is nervous about sharing this with the world, … [Read more…]

Fannie Flagg: From Miss Congeniality to Fried Green Tomatoes

Promotional photo of Fannie Flagg, 1972

“I guess my problem is that I don’t look show bizzy. Like when I go to a store people come up to me and say: ‘Miss could you help me?’ I dunno, maybe I should wear rhinestones in my eyeglasses, or something.” That was Fannie Flagg in 1969. She was an actress and a comedian. … [Read more…]