Love and Murder in the New South

In Alice + Freda, Alexis Coe explores Memphis in 1892, a time of horse-drawn carriages, riverboats, and pseudo-psychiatry. She introduces the reader to Alice Mitchell and Freda Ward and tells us of their romantic relationship, the discovery of their forbidden love, and the ensuing forced separation. We watch Alice’s hope turn to disappointment, obsession, and … [Read more…]

Southern Cover Girl: Perrin Skinner

still taken from video by Josh Rainwater

Perrin Skinner, woman about town and crooner in the Prairie Willows, belts out Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” in this week’s session for the Southern Cover Girl series. Thanks so much to Perrin and special gratitude to Stephen Maluck for his technical skill in putting this all together. For those of you interested … [Read more…]

The Art and Obligation of the Protest

    As news of the tragedy of the Charleston massacre spread to the rest of the world, I was overseas traveling in London. When the general sentiment on my social networks turned from sadness and anger to talk of protest about the Confederate flag on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds, I was disappointed to … [Read more…]

AB Podcast #2: Eme Crawford & Ashley Crary

Auntie Bellum microphone

Due to technical difficulties, this podcast has been removed. Stay tuned for when we get Eme and Ashley back in the studio! A big welcome to Eme Crawford, Director of Advocacy at Tell Them, and Ashley Crary, Associate Director of Government Relations for South Carolina Coalition for Healthy Families Families, as they join Editor Meeghan Kane … [Read more…]