Reactions: Take Down the Flag Movement

Murders in historically Black churches and long processions of entire communities coming to pay their last respects – I thought this was a subject matter left to grainy old news footage and Spike Lee documentaries. And yet, after spending much of this week at the state house attending rallies and the senate session, it now … [Read more…]

Petition to remove the Confederate flag from Mississippi’s state flag


While we’re over the moon to see some South Carolina politicians taking a step in the right direction, let’s not forget our neighbors. Bingo Gunter, a Mississippi native and a history graduate student at the University of South Carolina, posted a petition to remove the Confederate flag from Mississippi’s state flag. Reach out to our … [Read more…]

Reactions: June 20th Rally to Take Down the Flag


  Never have I been more amazed and humbled by a gathering of people than I was on Saturday evening at the State House grounds. I knew I could count on our strong, loving community to come out and support a rightful cause, but the sheer volume of those voices gathered in unison, the kindness … [Read more…]