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Purity and Patriarchy

Let’s talk about sex, or rather the absence thereof, which is the focus of the sexual “purity” trend that’s taken hold in many areas—especially in the conservative South—over the last two decades. First, an explanation of this phenomenon. Popular in conservative Christian communities, purity pledges are essentially promises made by pre-teen and teen girls to … [Read more…]

Southern Cover Girl: The Rosewood Girl Sings Lucinda Williams

image from Katherine McCoullough

Our latest Southern Cover Girl is Susan Margolis, otherwise known as The Rosewood Girl, singing the plaintive ballad, “Fruits of My Labor,” by Lucinda Williams. Margolis hails from South Carolina, but she now lives and performs in Brooklyn, NY. The tireless creative force that is Katherine McCollough shot and edited this video with nostalgia and … [Read more…]

I Believe Anita Hill

photo by Sandy Andrews

Attending the I Believe Anita Hill event is eye-opening. It’s one of the only actual places in South Carolina where I see how diverse and deeply-felt the women’s movement here is. It’s more than the indignities and subterfuge one woman was subjected to twenty-four years ago. Believing Anita Hill is knowing that there are women … [Read more…]