Auntie Bellum is an online magazine devoted to the lives and experiences of progressive and radical Southern women and non-binary and trans Southerners. We’re a part of an insurgent Southern force of feminists and activists attempting to fundamentally change our region for the better. We want social justice, racial equality, and our reproductive rights protected.

We take as our inspiration the original Auntie Bellum magazine, created in 1977. At that time, AB’s editors were concerned with gender discrimination, equal pay, sexual violence, domestic abuse, racism, artistic freedom, political corruption, and affordable health care, among many other issues still facing us today. We’re inspired by those original editors’ reverence for the free and enslaved women of the antebellum period – also an insurgent force in open rebellion to a sexist, racist, and unequal nation.

We began in 2015, but we now feel a sense of urgency for the work ahead.

Please contact us at auntiebellummagazine@gmail.com

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