Losing My Virginity: Memories from a Survivor

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CW: childhood sexual abuse, and sexual assault As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, the topic of virginity is not an easy one to discuss. When most people reflect on losing their virginity, it brings back happy, maybe funny memories. Maybe losing your viriginity brings you back to a long lost love. But for me, … [Read more…]

No Safety, No Protection, No One to Teach Her that Her Body Was Hers


TW: rape, sexual assault, child pornography Maggie is my oldest daughter and a teenager. Her body is her body. It’s the one thing in this world she any level of control over  (minus puberty, of course). She is learning that she cannot control others. She can’t control things that have been done to her or happened to her … [Read more…]

What Athens Popfest taught me about being feminist, Southern, and a musician (And why this year’s festival is the best yet)

ESG, performing Saturday at PopFest at the Georgia Theatre

The annual Athens Popfest has been called a family reunion for indie-pop nerds, a grown-up summer camp for rock ‘n’ roll geeks with extra dust sleeves on their of Montreal records and neatly organized zine collections. When I attended my first Popfest in 2010 as a young musician and Athens music history super-fan, I discovered … [Read more…]