Auntie Bellum Weekend Mix #13: Soul Edition, Part 2

  Picking up where my fellow AB Editor, Heather Green, left off, it’s time to go deep y’all. Now I’ll admit, some of the songs on this list are more about what touches my soul than what might be considered traditional Soul, but we all know sometimes you gotta feel the funk just as much … [Read more…]

TOMBOi Returns to SC for Hoechella

photo by Paola Martin

On Friday, TOMBOi is playing Hoechella at New Brookland Tavern, and they’ve already made a big impression on South Carolina, having already played Columbia twice this year. They are three Southern women from Jacksonville, Florida, making heavy, synth-y electronica. There’s more than enough pop to dance to, but their music has weight. The lyrics are … [Read more…]

On Being a Small Female Doctor: The Common Narrative of What Your Doctor Should Look Like

photo by Day Donaldson via Creative Commons

“I mean, who is in charge here even? When I learned that that guy is the attending, I was shocked. I mean, he looks like one of you guys. Young. If he were an older guy with grey hair or something, then you’d know he’s the attending. Like the doctor from the ICU. Now that … [Read more…]

Hold Up! A Beyonce Vindication


Early in May, I visited a friend who works with college students at her office. When I walked in, I saw she had two students doing a puzzle. They seemed harried, exhausted, and honestly, a bit deflated.   “I fell asleep during the last test . . . twice,” one remarked as she stared bleakly … [Read more…]