#StopTheBanSC Rally Drums Up Support from Lawmakers and Citizens Alike

There was a respectable turnout today at the State House in opposition to HB 3114 which is set to go to Governor Nikki Haley’s desk for review. At the event hosted by Planned Parenthood, SC Equality, South Carolina Coalition for Healthy Families, and Tell Them, women and men clad in pink held up signs protesting … [Read more…]

For the Sake of the South, Our Southern Poets: Helen Tarnowski Boyce

illustration by Nina Valenti

National Poetry Month is long gone but the poetry submissions are still coming in, and we couldn’t be more delighted to continue this series. Today, we have a poem, “She Doesn’t Call,” by Helen Tarnowski Boyce and an illustration created for this piece by Nina Valenti. To the Southern imagination, and to a better South. … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

Mallory Ortberg of The Toast

(photo courtesy of kellywritershouse)

Before delving into the links, let’s take a minute to recognize the brilliance of The Toast. This smart, witty, and sometimes witchy journal announced last Friday that it will cease to post new content as of July 1. I’ll be sharing one quality Toast link in every Week’s Worth of Women until they close up … [Read more…]

Well, I Declare with Shanika Pichey


Honestly, if this is the first time you have heard of Shanika Pichey and you live in the Columbia area, I’m baffled. Shanika is everywhere. I first ran into her via an Etsy Crafting Party she helped to facilitate for the Columbia area two years ago. She organizes several crafting events through her Gather & … [Read more…]

Kissing Her Feet, Wilhemina’s War: A Rural Grandmother Challenges Us to Love and to ACT

Wilhemina Dixon (image provided by the author)

  An internet meme tells us, “If you want a reason to feel grateful, check your pulse.” Let’s add, “If you want to be energized into action by vibrant life and powerful love, check out the movie, Wilhemina’s War.” Peace, Grace, Patience, and Fierce Strength = Wilhemina Dixon. Dayshal Dicks, the beloved granddaughter of this … [Read more…]