photo by thisisbossi (via Creative Commons)

Cussing and Coming of Age in Jared Kushner’s Essex

I never quite knew how to describe where I grew up in Baltimore County. From age 4 to age 13, I lived in Essex, an unincorporated community in Baltimore County. After I moved away, first to Central Pennsylvania, then to Philly and South Carolina, when I told people where I’d lived in Baltimore, they would … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

Screenshot of the new McDonald's UK ad for the South Carolina Stack

Frankly, the news is grim. Betsy “I’m here to destroy the world” DeVos is setting up a chilling takedown of public sector workers, racist neo-fascist Confederates are gathering by torchlight, opiate addiction is killing off a generation of poor Middle Americans, and more. But, that’s why we’re going to kick this off with some joy. … [Read more…]

Auntie Bellum Weekend Mix #36

Cayo Hueso Comparsa Dancers practicing- Key West, Florida, 1991 (photo courtesy of the Florida Memory Project)

Betsy DeVos may be ruining everything, but here are some songs for that much-needed break from that terrible news. This week, you’ll find politically-charged hip hop from Athens, Fort Worth emo, power pop out of South Florida, indie rock from Atlanta, sludgy Nashville rock n roll, and more. As always (though less frequently), this mix … [Read more…]