Sandra Nkaké  (photo by Thesupermat)

A Playlist for a Feminist Future: Bastille Day!

Today’s playlist celebrates Bastille Day, a worldwide holiday commemorating the explosive storming of the military fortress, Bastille Saint-Antoine, in Paris on July 14, 1789. This act of rebellion sparked a revolution that ended absolute monarchy in France and left a chaotic political and cultural landscape that created opportunities for some of the country’s poorest citizens … [Read more…]

Lindsey Shante on Pushi, Praying, and Living on the Dark, Southern Edge

All photos courtesy of @girlnottoday

  If you know anything about Birmingham, Alabama-based electronic artist Lindsey Shante, you know that she’s always in motion and constantly creating. For her new project, Pushi, she has written and produced a deeply personal song about loss and hope. To celebrate its release, she answered a few questions about her life and her music, and she … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Folks in the News, July 6 Edition

photo by Joe Flood

  Happy Friday, and welcome to our week’s worth of folk/women in the news! We’ll start this week off on a high note. Spanish model, Angela Ponce, won the qualifying title and thus became the first transgender contestant for Miss Universe. While we have a lot of conflicting feels about beauty pageants, especially ones formerly owned … [Read more…]

Music for a Feminist Future: The Fourth of July Fireworks Edition

Ana Tijoux, 2014 (photo by Cancha General)

We’ve heard from a lot of friends that they are having difficulty feeling patriotic this 4th of July. Putting this playlist together, we are reminded that protest is patriotic. Speaking truth to power is as American as BBQ and apple pie. Happy Independence Day! You can also listen to these songs on Unsweetened: A Playlist … [Read more…]