By Adrianna Calvo via Creative Commons

Can You See it?

Early on a recent Saturday morning, Facebook alerted me that I had 6 events to attend with 30 of my friends. Such is life in Columbia, South Carolina. I aimed for the free Forest Acres Festival at A.C. Flora. On the way back to my car, my other mom friend and I saw a school … [Read more…]

Auntie Bellum Weekend Mix #8

ab mix 8 iv

Whether you’re looking for some fresh-faced country music out of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains or some truly wild roots-y punk rock from a famous Alabaman, a beautiful folk ballad about love and malt liquor from a Georgia college town or an indie country sound from a North Carolina college town, I believe … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

photo by Daniel Oines

Here’s the thing, it’s very difficult for me to stop once I get started with these. There’s too many, and they’re all over the place. It’s obnoxious, I know, but rest assured that Bethany will be back in two weeks and everything will return to normal. Until then, there will be too many articles for … [Read more…]

Deborah Adedokun on the Skanks, the Music, and this Damn City (Which She Loves)

photo by Thomas Hammond

Debbie and the Skanks burst onto the scene just a few short years ago, and a key part of their instant and enduring success is frontwoman Deborah Adedokun’s charm and dynamism. I defy you to find someone who isn’t mesmerized when she’s on stage. But, if you do, shake them hard and take them down … [Read more…]

Southern Cover Girl Series: Katherine McCollough & Jenni Scott Cover Des Ark

Katherine McCollough and Jenni Scott

(photo by Katherine McCollough)

Our Southern Cover Girl series has been on hiatus for a few a months, but we’re so pleased to present our first video of 2016. Katherine McCollough of Keep Our Scene Safe and a member of our favorite all-housewife punk band, Hauswerk, and local luminary Jenni Scott, of MyBrother MySister and rugstain, have teamed up … [Read more…]

AB Podcast #19: The Scenario Collective

photo by AB

AB Editor Brittany Braddock sat down with Scenario Collective members Rupert Hudson, Laura Godenick, and Taylor Hooper to discuss the many projects they are working on to bring Midlands artists together in new and exciting ways. You can find them online, on Facebook and on Twitter. Podcast: Play in new window | Download