Lincoln High School students in Quincy, Florida, 1932

courtesy of the Florida Memory Project

Auntie Bellum Weekend Mix #17

  This week’s mix is bookended by two very different anthems of our times (all Texans there), and in between you’ll find Florida punk rock from trusted activists, raucous rap out of Atlanta, sweeping ballads, heavy rock, and so much folk music. I wrote the word “folk” a bunch of times today, but you’ll understand … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

photo by Jess via Creative Commons

  It’s Banned Books Week! Among other things. Have fun opening up a bunch of new tabs and surreptitiously reading them during work! Yeah, I know how you do.   “My Arab family is no different than yours, except maybe the way we drink our tea. Arabs drink theirs hot and sweet, and southerners drink … [Read more…]

South By South Text

Creative Commons photo from Pixabay

Southerners do not do shorthand. Well, sure, we did invent the much-used abbreviations for “you all” and “fixing to,” but we just weave those y’alls and fixin to’s into masterful tapestries of wordy prose. Take me for example: I am supposed to keep this article to 500 words, and yet every month my email starts … [Read more…]

Kim Larson of Southern Femisphere on the New Album with Sweatlands, Women Who Rock Hard, and SC Activists To Look Up To

southern femisphere

Kim Larson of Charleston-based, feminist post-rock band Southern Femisphere talks about the new split album with Sweatlands, expanding and diversifying the Charleston music scene, and her REAL influences (stop saying Sleater Kinney).

Delicious Revolution: A Chef’s Life Embraces and Challenges Traditional Southern Culture


Chef and restaurateur Vivian Howard, of Kinston, N.C., is a powerhouse. She successfully established two renowned restaurants, Chef and the Farmer and the Boiler Room, in this tiny Eastern North Carolina town known for farmers, not foodies. She stars in the Peabody-award winning A Chef’s Life, directed by close friend Emmy-award winner Cynthia Hill. And … [Read more…]