I no longer have the luxury of disappearing

Merced, CA (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Sometimes my surroundings are less an extension of my existence but places, breathing all on their own. Most of the time the world moves as I move, ceaselessly wobbling through suffocating emptiness and infinite possibilities, like a balloon aimless in it’s ascent. Merced, California burns like a sun, filling me with heat, thinning my skin … [Read more…]

Still Star Crossed as a Black Feminist Interpretation of Shakespeare

still star crossed

Many have conveyed disappointment with Shondaland’s newest show: After all, it’s not Grey’s Anatomy. Many have compared it to the CW’s Reign: A beautifully designed, hard to follow, historically inaccurate, teen drama. But with a racially diverse cast this time, which, to many critics, seems besides the point (with the notable exception of places like … [Read more…]